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antivirus - Code Jam #9
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This is our code jam submission: antivirus. It is a point and click game, meaning you click on items to use them. You play as a person. Your goal is to go about your daily life without getting the Wuhan novel coronavirus and dying. You have to do things like buy food and sleep, not just take pills and medicines constantly. You have $100, and you can do teleconferences to get money. You then must buy food and hand sanitizer to not starve or get sick.

how to play

To play, simply click on an item. If it gets highlighted when you hover over it, it will affect you somehow. In the upper left corner, you see your stats. The hearts are your health, the bread is your hunger, the purple is your location, and the green is your money. If you are having trouble clicking, try moving the mouse around.


The code was written by me, @sugarfi, and @hazelpy.
Graphics were made by @hazelpy.
The concept was by me and @hazelpy, with a little help from @eekboi.


It is best to run the game in a new tab. Please don't spam the chat, enjoy, and upvote!

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