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age gesser
GOATPayton (0)

this program can add your age in 10, 20 years and then how old you were 5 years ago

GOATPayton (0)

@PrestonPlayz1 thanks there are only 5 lines of code but i am still new to javascript so it isn't as good as a lot of other people but i am still proud of it :)

PrestonPlayz1 (3)

@GOATPayton Ohh, keep it up then goddluck!

PrestonPlayz1 (3)

decent i guess not much to it you are just adding and subtracting.

GOATPayton (0)

@IMayBeMe i found out the answer i just haven't changed the title yet

IMayBeMe (349)

What do you mean by that your confused? The program takes a number as your age and adds 10, 20, and subtracts 5.