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adopt a pet
srsly (30)

Hope you all are having a great day !

I just made this project where you can adopt a pet
I hope you have fun with it
This is basically a pet adoption simulator kinda thing

Bye!!! 👋🏻

Gh0stHack3r (55)

sniff sniff ... I have no pet but want a dog and right in front of me one of the options I can pick as a pet is a dog!!! types dog It's so cute!!! It looks like a real dog!!

srsly (30)

@Gh0stHack3r The reason I made this project was because of that I hope you get one soon!

P.S. I made this also because I wish I had a dog or cat :(

Gh0stHack3r (55)

@srsly .... My parents are allergic... Well I hop you get a dog or cat atleast.