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a lot of cool creations put in one (final) over 16000 lines
elijahnik1 (180)

I did ask if I can use these and gave people credit within the code, these are the ones I think are some of the coolest repls. (yes I made a lot of them too).
A lot of this code I switched over from old python versions to the new one too.

step1: press '1'
step2: press 'y'
step3: press 'q'
step4: press 'q'

if you want more info, there is some inside the code at the very top to see and ask if you would like more.

TechStudent11 (1)

Okay, this is too hard!

elijahnik1 (180)

@TechStudent11 whats hard? how to run it?
If so I can try to help.

TechStudent11 (1)

@elijahnik1 no the game. How many progress bars, what?

MarvelOCD (10)

@TechStudent11 I think it's just for fun/another security option.

MarvelOCD (10)

@TechStudent11 it's also more of an A.I. Than a game.

elijahnik1 (180)

@JacobMcPherson1 yeah it takes a while....hehehe..... but its worth it as it has a lot of different options

elijahnik1 (180)

@TechStudent11 oof....that one description I've never heard before hahaha!