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a dumb simon game
ch1ck3n (2866)

so lately my internet has been getting multiple seizures and is slowly dying. (Xfinity: simple. easy. awesome.) I was kinda bored since the only things near entertaining in my household is the computer and a board game called Yorkie-opolie

(I am too scared to even open that thing)

so I whipped up a simple game called simon locally because I had nothing better to do.

her is how to play: (totally not a rickroll)

BIue (75)

also, heres a pretty cool how-to video i made

BIue (75)

friend: attempts to rick roll you

ad: saves you from humiliation

you: we are still not friends

MrVoo (190)

Noice, maybe add a <title> thing though

MrVoo (190)

@ch1ck3n Well, I guess it stands out from my other tabs even more now...?