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SixBeeps (5354)

This is @21natzil's PFP rendered in BASIC.

I resized the image to a 50x50 bitmap, processed it through this Repl, then slapped it in here.

CodeSalvageON (614)

I see this in my nightmares

amasad (3540)

Awesome! I'm going to use this for something.

WyattWatkins (1)

This is the most beautiful thing I've seen maybe because i'm new to coding or because I've only had for a day.But none the less this amazing and I love it

SixBeeps (5354)

@TheForArkLD Because .NET's System.Drawing library uses Bitmaps natively. Also because I wanted to avoid compression.

theroadtocode (19)

Did you calculate those numbers by yourself? Those are some freaky cool skills!

Roar123 (446)

This is really cool, especially since you made a program to process the pixels in your image into hex codes