Text Generation Using Machine Learning?????

Machine Learning Is Getting Smarter and Smarter

Well I made a "website" that based on previous text can ... well generate text. The only thing about is that it (the textgenrnn library) uses math instead of grammar. Which means some sentences don't make sense, and new words can be invented. Here are some examples of it in work.

First Chapter of Harry Potter also sentences mean phrases.

Cool right?

Now comes the not so fun part

So I tried hosting this on replit which hates doesn't support Tensorflow and such because of storage. Then I tried on pythonanywhere which has internal deprecation issues with the library I'm using. So I'll just leave the files open source on my github. You can also find it on my repl.
If any of you guys have a good hosting method put it in the comments
With all of that enjoy - Robowolf

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@ZarmDev Lol thanks.