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Time Until Judging: Ended

Hi there! I'm @harperframeinc and my partner is @k9chelesa. We're @TeamZala and we're happy to show you our programming language, Zala.

The idea of Zala is what brought me to I have a very slow computer and terrible storage space. I loved to code, and this dillema wouldn't stop me from doing it.

Then I found It's was an easy way to run code from essentially anywhere.

That's what Zala is. It's a programming language designed to be run on the server, not off it. It's now possible to run code essentially everywhere. From a smart lamp to large buildings, you can run cloud programs without storing anything.

You might ask, "Can't I do this with another programming language?". You could, but Zala is has been engineered for this purpose and is highly optimized for it. For one, Zala has "result extendibility". When you run a Zala script, you can input variables and get a result back. (These features are on the Evaluation Runner. Link is at the top of the page)

Some Technical Trade-offs

Good Stuff:

  • Well optimized while still being lightweight
  • Uses Lark, Pure Python and Fast.
  • Easy Extensibility. Put what you want whenever you want.

Bad Stuff:

  • Still Slow - It's python after all...
  • Poor Errorhandling with imports

Ways to fix:

  • Introduce C-Extensions
  • Traceback


  • Host Pakrat
  • Expand Zala with new features such as decorators, lambdas, and magic methods
  • Expand Cloud Features - Create libraries to interface with cloud functionality
  • Implement LLVMlite compiler technolgy stuff
  • Create a actual package manager

For Docs please check README.MD

Run a test with python src/ -f tests/(filename).zl
Run the interpreter with the run button.

Thank you

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