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Youtube api
duck132912 (212)

This is bluetube search for any videos just like youtube but without ads. Every supporter gets a free cycle.
For those of you that want a proper sign in, im working on it. click here to see my progress

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10mohammed10 (46)

But you can do instead this date: 2013-07-11T11:43:02Z
You can just add to the date .toLocaleDateString(); to make it only with day and month and year


duck132912 (212)

@10mohammed10 this date is not in the format for .toLocaleDateString(); but i understand what you mean, ill work on it

duck132912 (212)

@10mohammed10 I changed the date format from "2013-07-11T11:43:02Z" to "July 11 2013"

zplusfour (901)

@duck132912 Actually... I tild him about the tolocale datestring function, Anyway... how did you change it to july 11 201e
With a function or you wrote it?

duck132912 (212)

@ZDev1 i put api things into new Date() then i took month year and day from it

zplusfour (901)

@duck132912 I used toLocaleDateString wtih my blog project:

zplusfour (901)


This is in visual studio code

HahaYes (1861)

lol do you have the data from every single user?

duck132912 (212)

@HahaYes well, only the ones that sign in and that data stays in your computer and does not get sent to anyone else

k9chelsea2 (735)

ahhh yos it fine I hate ootube ads lol GrAmMaRlY

ShivankChhaya (240)


edgyneer (6)

About your API Key problem:
This article should help you. Or at least, it did help me.

This thing is super cool, good luck!

HahaYes (1861)

This looks awesome. Aka free cycles. Wow STONKS

BobTheTomatoPie (3360)

it gave me an error and wont let me search anything. But from what everyone is saying it sounds awesome

duck132912 (212)

@BobTheTomatoPie the error is nothing, but you cannot search anything only because the api key is no longer valid

rafrafraf (1390)

An idea i just got, i have no idea if its possible but it would be awesome if it is, getting someway to get your subcribtion box videos so maybe a sign up or account key to access it im not sure i havent done anything with youtube beforw

duck132912 (212)

@rafrafraf that needs java server-side, or i can try to do some research and do it without a server-side

rafrafraf (1390)

This is actually amazing bro! Not alot of people put the effort in to style their sites after making them functional so props to u it looks good and works even better

duck132912 (212)

@rafrafraf thanks, in fact im working on it now!

duck132912 (212)

@rafrafraf im adding a recommended section

rafrafraf (1390)

@duck132912 thats a good idea, i have a suggestion btw if youre willing to go the extra mile then try making the site responsive to mobiles e.g navbar much bigger, no zoom when u click on inputs cos gets annoying, scaling everything a bit up etc, i only say this because the later you do it the harder itll be so if u think u would wanna do it in the future keep that in mind. I have had plenty of trouble with responsiveness in my sites so goodluck aha

dragonslayor (4)

i didnt check why yet

dragonslayor (4)

for some reason it says script error

Miner36 (18)

I Dident Get my cycle :-(

3941driB (38)

wow duck you're trending again ;)
thanks my dad banned youtube so this with helped out

duck132912 (212)

@3941driB you should also try the google sign-in button, it is WAS easier than loads of php

ChezTacoz (341)

Me starts using this over YouTube

LordHarshit543 (2)

Good but when I am searching I am not getting any results

Futuristics (51)

@duck132912 I Don't really understand how to use this? Do I search for things normally as I do on Youtube? Plz Answer.

DollarSign (24)

Every supporter gets a free cycle.

What does that mean

studentAlfredAl (446)

How did you get it to work? It no work for me :( @IndyCarter

Wilke000 (636)

Are you signed in with google @studentAlfredAl?

Wilke000 (636)

dat why, but now it should work @studentAlfredAl

ChezTacoz (341)

This is very cool

Codemonkey51 (1057)

Coo, although doesn't work rn

adl212 (172)

@duck132912 you can try making a login screen with auth.

EpicGamer007 (1736)

How come it doesn't work for me :(
I am searching up Grian and nothing comes up

EdwardKazmiersk (5)

THIS SCRIPT IS SO GOOD! It worked earlier, but now it no work... :P.
"Script Error" Im a noob at coding and only know python so idk how to fix or cause... In all SO GOOD. Just fix :)

DollarSign (24)

You need to let google verify ur api key, to make sure people arent doing anything sketchy