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🕛 Your local Timer app! 🕛
JBloves27 (1725)

🕛 A local Timer app! 🕛

Note: This is a console 'app', not a flask app ;)


This has mostly everything your regular timer app would have. However, as I made this in python, some of the modes will ask you every so often if you want to continue.


I used a while loop and a for loop to calculate the seconds. But because it was in seconds, I imported the time module and did time.sleep(1), to calculate the seconds.


Feedback would be appreciated, thanks!


Thanks for viewing this, pls give feedback or bug errors! Thanks!


Edit: Please don't ask for editing access, just fork it pls :)

Edit2: The timezone is very strange, so just try doing EST, or visit here for more :)

IcynDevz (765)


when the program asks you for your timezone so it could show the date and time, you should probably add a try and except so when the user enters a invalid timezone, it could say something like Invalid Timezone!

this is actually pretty good, I wonder why no one has upvoted this
JBloves27 (1725)

Hmmm, thanks for the suggestion! lol, thanks! @IcingHackz