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"Your Way' - The Great Beginning

'Your Way' - A Choose Your Way Adventure Game

Hello! Today I have brought to you my own choose your way adventure game! This is only part one (contains chapter one and two.)

Before you start playing I would like to remind you that only part one is done. If you want to play past chapter two then you will need to wait until I am done.

If you have a name for my game (I hate the current name) the comment it below! I will pick my favorite and make the winner a character in the game!

If you want to work on a chapter with me in the future then write so in the comments!

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That is all for now, go play the game!


Hey man!!!

Is it okay if we work on a new story together? Maybe a ''choose your own path'' type story? There can be cases where the user will return to the start of the previous chapter if they die, and random messages that can occur when an event is triggered


@TheRisingBoar Look, I would love to but I am not going to work on this a lot.


@TheRisingBoar We could chat if you send me your Discord info (name and tag)


@CallMeKFC Oh hey man!!! Yeah sure we can talk over discord when you're free
My discord: ADudeIThink(hopefully)#4662


@TheRisingBoar Okay, I will add you when I get home. I will be a bit busy tonight as it is my sister's birthday. I will try to chat however.


@TheRisingBoar I sent you a friend request :)