⌨✨Try This!✨ See how fast you can type ⌨

How fast can you type?

How fast can you type? Want to know or want to exercise your typing capabilities? Try to type as fast as you can before time runs out.


  • Runs on curses
  • Color!
  • 3 displays (One for text, one for score, one is for information)
  • Over 1000 words


100 - Finished a set
50 - Typed 15 characters

How to play

You have 100 seconds to type sets of 40 words as fast as possible. You are scored based on how many characters you type and the amount of sets you do. Try to beat others!

Thank you! I would love to hear your feedback, and if you liked it, please consider upvoting.

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You need to fix something @HarperframeInc. If I type something wrong, it still gives me some points. Other than that it actually pretty good. I'll give an upvote because this is the first time that I've seen this type of thing.


@CrashBatBat whoops! let me fix that.