PyUnity: a Python Implementation of the UnityEngine

So for the past 6-8 months (with a long hiatus in the middle), I have been working on this library, only just as a bit of fun. This has been a solo project, and I hope that some people can aid me in my journey to completing this and putting it into production.


Discord server:

If you would like to contribute, drop me an email at [email protected] or DM me on discord (Rayzchen Gaming#0001).


As of now, here are the current features:

  • GameObjects and hierarchy system
  • Quaternions and Vector3 functions (cross, dot, multiplication etc)
  • A basic sound system using PyGame
  • A custom logger
  • 3 different window providers, automatically selecting the most suitable one
  • A basic physics engine (i would like to create my own custom one based on the UnityEngine physics engine using RigidBodies and Colliders)

and much more!


There are many missing features as of now, such as cleaning up library imports and applying textures to meshes, but that is the sole reason I am looking for collaborators. Right now I don't really know how to fix most of the problems I am facing.

Just to clarify, this is nothing to do with C# or using the Engine, it is only to replicate the engine in pure Python. Of course, it will require a significant amount of optimization, but I would like it to be quite lightweight with minimal dependencies. In the future, I would like a system of creating an executable and/or building for mobile apps.


A minimal example is as so:

Example 1 packaged in the project is a spinning cube. Here is the code:

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