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Yet Another Turn Based RPG
DrPogtato (3)

Welcome to Yet Another Turn Based RPG!
This is a 'Fan Remaster' of Battle Game, by @ruiwenge2
Huge props to him, we used his battle system as the ground work for this
You can find the original game here:
This is just a demo of the project we have been working on
If you have any suggestions, You can go to this google form to suggest anything from grammar fixes to character suggestions to whole new game modes.

plant3jyyehejy (16)

player cannot be imported

DrPogtato (3)

@plant3jyyehejy Sorry about that, I had it open in another tab and accidentally deleted when I meant to delete something else. Should be fixed now!

codingjlu (209)

nobody likes RPGs now

DrPogtato (3)

@codingjlu Thanks for your insightful advice!

codingjlu (209)

@DrPogtato you're welcome :) maybe make a game or AI? Good job on your RPG though.

dustdude (8)

@codingjlu hey, no reason to be unnecessarily toxic

NoahRoopull (19)

@codingjlu You do realize there's entire communities solely around RPGs, right?