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Yep another one-liner -- something interesting
MaxwellGarner (62)

Can you all NOT push the stupidest thing you can find to the top of the popular page this time? My Skittles thing peaked at #3, and it wasn't even published to try to get there. This is something equally stupid, and while it would be really funny, I do not understand why you all push some things

I put like 0 effort into this btw, just something fun

Tacostorm2 (8)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I GOT STICKBUGGED! as revenge imma push this to the top of the popular page

Smart0ne (730)

:O Did you just ... hide what you were going to print out to ... to ... to ...

MaxwellGarner (62)


O .O "what"

Of course not ;)