The evil glitch orbs have taken over the terminal!

It is your job to get to the finish, because if you don't, you die 🤔


the basic wasd controls:

w: up
s: down
a: left
d: right.


: A wall. You can run into it, it just wont do anything.
: A glitch orb. If you run into it, you die :(
: A door. Use this to get to the next area.
: This is you.
There are 6 areas, each one harder than the last

How to spot glitch orbs

You can only see a glitch orb if you are in the same row/column as it.

I am open to suggestions, and please tell me if something is wrong/broken!


Every time you open a chest, it can either take away 8 points or give you 10 points.

🥖 🥖 🥖 🥖 🥖

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A python game that controls a player
Very epic
I made one a while ago, one suggestion i got was instead of os.system('clear'), use print("\033[H",end="")
(it doesnt flash as much)
btw this is my old one if you want to take a few things from it


@Muffinlavania I will implement the print("\033[H",end="") in my newer version and see if it works!

Also, I like the game :D


@Muffinlavania Cool, only you still have to use os.system('clear') when you're not just moving the player (so when you enter a door and it asks you if you want to open the chest, you have to use os.system('clear'))


@RowanFromBJC yes, that's what i do


@RowanFromBJC @RhinoRunner yea, the print() version is basically os.system('clear'), but it updates the screen. So if you print out something completely new, you should os.system('clear') before it


@Muffinlavania yeah, thats what happens


@RhinoRunner if you need help on anything (or just want some tips), i could help you if you want


@Muffinlavania Im open for suggestions on the game, such as adding new features or fixing a glitch or something


@RhinoRunner well theres not much, and my version is kinda stupid and not as complex, so maybe later today ill take a look and just look at some of the small things


@Muffinlavania about your haha maze go brrrrrrrr, I like the fact that you can pick up items, but it always says my inventory be full...
Also, you should make the player on one terminal line rather than 2 because it looks weird when they pick things up


@RhinoRunner also you can detect arrow keys, but i use the getkey module so idk
The getkey module works pretty much the same:


@RhinoRunner oh lol im still working on that one, its almost done
Also the box character is actually intentional, its so that you dont look as small and i just like a box idk
Theres probably a billion bugs right now but im almost done with it


@Muffinlavania the colors are vivid i like it


@RhinoRunner why would you want to fix a glitch? this game is pretty much about glitches so the more the merrier amiright?