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YOS 1.0 Official Release
Wanyh29 (2)

YOS 1.0

Hello! YHStudios here, and today we have released our Operating System, YOS!


YOS is a kid-owned, console-based operating system that is super lightweight. You can use it to create a quick document, or maybe chat with others. You get the point, it's pretty fun.
#How to Use YOS
You can use YOS by just hitting run, it will prompt you to type /start, and then you get greeted by the application menu, where you can choose which app you want to run.
YHStudios and iDraw Software partnered to make iChat/iDrawChat. If you would Like to have an app in YOS, email the code to [email protected]m.

Who are we?

Again, YHStudios is a kid-owned Studio that makes many games ranging from fighting games to YOS!


Not an OS but still pretty cool