Disease Spread Simulation
Andi_Chin (220)

A project I made with my friends to spread awareness about measures people can take.

you will be able to see, live, how individual actions affect one another, and how communities affect each other.

also has a custom machine learning model specifically for predicting an epidemic (without using external libraries).

  • yellow circles represent shopping centers that people travel to
  • boxes represent separate communities. Most people are trapped within a community while some can travel between them
  • red particles represent the infected
  • blue represents the recovered (they are immune but have a chance of losing it)
  • grey represents the deceased.
blog where I talk about it: https://medium.com/@yh.andy.chen/disease-simulation-with-machine-learning-81f21ff0d4da
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JosephSanthosh (1174)

YO THIS IS SO SICK - There is no way you created this all by yourself!

Andi_Chin (220)

@JosephSanthosh Yea, I made it with 3 other friends!