Five Nights at Freddy's 1 remake

FNaF is one of my favorite games. I decided to create a remake of the game in python.


l: check left door
r: check right door
c: look at cameras
spacebar: continue with the night
(when looking at door):
c: close door
o: open door

This game is really hard

I've only made it to night 4. It gets really hard on night 3.

If anybody can make it to night 6, they are a legend and need to take a screenshot immediatly!


when you press spacebar, it may not seem like anything happens, but it time continues when you press it.

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@XThacker OK so when you are using the cameras and doors, time doesn't go on. It only passes when you press spacebar. Then, the animatronics can move, depending on if the random number generator is on their side. If the power goes to negatives, thats because I forgot to put an if power <= 0 in the doing-stuff loop. If you get to negative/0 power and press spacebar you lose.