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⌨️ Typer Pro 1.0 [Typing Game] ⌨️


Typer Pro 1.0

rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

Anyways, here's a typing game I made, it's got around five hundred words (stolen from a random word generator). The goal is to type as many words as possible in 100 seconds.
Keep in mind that your points go up more if your streak of words without a mispell is higher. If you do mispell a word or hit the wrong key, you'll lose you streak. So sometimes quality is better then quantity.
This is also a competition to find out who the fastest typer is, the person who is at the top of the leaderboard at 04/03/2020 will receive a grand prize.
** Grand prize: **

🦈 One mini pet shark

or a dolphin, it's your choice



-- Score 85095

-- Score 77242

  1. @AR199
    -- Score 72378
  2. @peternielsen112
    -- Score 26942
  3. @JacobMcPherson
    -- Score 22032

Reply with a screenshot if you want me to put you on the leaderboard

2 years ago
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