SCP Database!
angrydoge (481)

SCP Database

Hoi! Welcome to my project, SCP database!

It scrapes for results, try it out!

Why am I doing this instead of school

Hope you enjoy it!


Just put in the SCP number
Um duh...

This is my first time with BeautifulSoup so it took the whole morning
pls updoot

okeh bai

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RayhanADev (2606)

Wow, been a while since I played SCP, I don’t even remember it xD.

Actually I lied... Infinite IKEA.

angrydoge (481)

Bruh SCP isnt a game... -_- @RayhanADev

SCP-3008 is a game tho.

elipie (355)

@RayhanADev SCP ISNT GAME :(( why people think that lol

RayhanADev (2606)

@elipie what? I mean I know there’s the story thingy part of it.
but SCP Containment Breach exists

RayhanADev (2606)

@elipie i play other games too, I’m not uncultured xD.

elipie (355)


why do i make jokes that people hate
CyberHacker101 (136)

I too make jokes that eveybody hates so become...


no one hasn't trolled me here and no one will [email protected]