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Would you rather
patelr (4)

Did you ever think you could play would you rather with a computer? Well now you can! You will be asked a series of questions and you are to type your answers in, have some fun because at the end it will compare your answers with mine to see how simular they are! Just click run and your off!

CodeMaster007 (109)

Cool! I would add a few thing here. The first being so it gives you a actual score. Not just 10-22. Another thing is changing the formating of the inputs. Here is a example
import time #puts time in there
print("Would you rather fall in lava or drown in water?") #asks the question
time.sleep(1) #waits 1 second so you can think
fa = input() #lets the quiz taker input there response
print(fa) #prints out the response

This is just a example and you can go in debt with if, else statements after, but this should be a good start for improvements.


patelr (4)

@CodeMaster007 Thank you so much for your feedback help and support, I did not know you could do all these things because this is my first time using python and you just made it better, thank you so so much, very much appreciated!

patelr (4)

@CodeMaster007 There we are I hope that is better for you, enjoy!