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Would You Rather Game 🟦🟥!
ch1ck3n (2039)

Hello peeps

I made a game-

Would You Rather 🟦🟥!

Do you know the classic game, Would you rather? You ask a question to a friend, "Would you rather..." then two options to choose from.

This is an online implementation of that game!

Screenshots -

Features -

Home page
Creating polls
Profile pages

have fun!

P.S I do not know what will happen to this post after explore comes out

please help me

LevonJohnson (2)

Also I wanted to ask if I could become a moderator, my account is "@loliamgoodthisgame" If your wondering about one of my question, (I probably know which one) I only said that as a joke but I understand if you do not let me become a moderator because of it

LevonJohnson (2)

This site is makes a interaction with the community, which is why I don't think this site will ever die

FloCal35 (669)


Does anyone know specific date Explore will open