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World's Hardest Word Game (Can you even get one?)
IMayBeMe (535)

What is it?

The world's hardest word game is exactly what the name says and is a game where players are required to guess the word based on a definition. As far as the development goes, I created the backend (leaderboard, database, server, etc) along with some minor JS and CSS. @IMightBeMe also greatly helped with this project and almost entirely made the frontend (HTML, API call, validation, CSS, etc) and also did some testing with the database.


  • Generates random word and definition
  • Validates word through both upper and lower case
  • Uses repl auth for the leaderboard
  • Saves score and uses ajax for smooth data sending
  • Modern minimalistic CSS design
  • Button to toggle leaderboard
  • Clean loading screen

Note: The repl attached is just a link to the spotlight page due to team repls not having the ability to be shared. Also the repl might not always be on as it runs on flask, so just run the repl and open in a new tab

Any feedback/comments would greatly be appreciated and either me or @IMightBeMe will get back to you.

FlaminHotValdez (714)

problem is that many words have the same meaning so I input a word and it says "wrong"

FlaminHotValdez (714)

definition: armor worn on the legs
me: greaves
game: jambeau
me: bruh greaves are also worn on the legs

IMayBeMe (535)

@FlaminHotValdez guess that’s the whole issue with synonyms. Can’t really do much about it

cuber1515 (90)

I tried forever so I could at least say I got one word but I swear I've never heard of any of those words. Truly the World's Hardest Word Game.

OldWizard209 (1614)

Dude is IMightBeMe your alt or is it a coincidence?

IMayBeMe (535)

@OldWizard209 he’s my friend, we thought it would be funny to have similar usernames. You can see that we both have hundreds of our own repls.

OldWizard209 (1614)

yeah, I didn't accuse you, I know u don't have alts, I just wanted to test my lame hypothesis. @IMayBeMe

IMayBeMe (535)

@OldWizard209 yeah no problem, I guess it’s a little misleading with the similar usernames

ch1ck3n (2335)

let's keep it this way

IMayBeMe (535)

@ch1ck3n first things first I can hardly get one and you straight up get 69. Second of all, lol.

ch1ck3n (2335)

@IMayBeMe i may or may not be hacking but that still is a funny word

ch1ck3n (2335)

@IMayBeMe i just momentarily broke the server by sending a heck lotta requests

CSharpIsGud (1070)

@ch1ck3n in py they become bigints after that

IMayBeMe (535)

@CSharpIsGud I swear I tested the database like ten times to make sure people couldn’t change it but oh well :(. You must not have the top score so imma start cheating

CSharpIsGud (1070)

@IMayBeMe There were multiple ways to do it, this was just the fastest way

CSharpIsGud (1070)

@IMayBeMe I can still be at the top, it will just take a long time and it isn't worth it because you have to overload it to increase it a lot.

But I still have the top score though 😎 I used inspect and js > setting score with db interface

ruiwenge2 (1107)

@CSharpIsGud @ch1ck3n just set todo to a really high number

IMayBeMe (535)

@ruiwenge2ahh that completely slipped my mind

IMightBeMe (33)

i guess i should have safety-tested before saying it was done... @CSharpIsGud

ch1ck3n (2335)

it wont wake up

wait nvm