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World War Z
andypalan (31)

A simple survival game. Use your mouse/trackpad to move, and click to shoot. Collect coins, avoid/destroy the lava (Destroying lava gets you 2 coins). The more coins you collect, the harder the game gets! Play away!
Link to playing game on (Recommended):
Link to project:

Comment below with your high score!

(This game was created for Bit by Bit\)

CollinKunsman1 (31)

If it's like the movie, where's the zombies?

andypalan (31)

Link to project:
Link to playing game on (Recommended):

numcomx (111)

this game need to run on project :)

CarysS (31)

Love how it looks! Could you add like click to start cause it started before I could really ready instructions? Lol at first I thought the lava was meteors! Cool game overall though!

andypalan (31)

@caryss: Added the click to start functionality! Also agree that the lava looks like meteors -- edited the instructions on the game to reflect that now! Thanks for the great feedback! :)

haya (9)

Very cool graphics and animations. We're happy to be part of Bit by Bit. Adding a start button can be a nice addition to the game :) I'll add the repl game link to your post

andypalan (31)

@haya: Added the start button, thanks for the suggestion :)

andypalan (31)

The game was developed by our group as part of our program to help teach underprivileged kids how to code. Do check out the other games developed by our group:

Krossy Road:
Boxy Run:

Keep the great feedback coming! Really appreciate it! :)

lvinwan (296)

This game is awesome, loving the aesthetic

amjad123 (2)

@alvinwan1: nice to see you here Alvin :D

andypalan (31)

@allenli1: damn, pretty sure that's better than mine lol