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World Simulator??? Where You Can Create And Interact (kind of) With Animals In A Fictional World!
BuddyRaider (24)
howdy again

I am back!

This time, I have a game that I made the other day named "World Simulator"

In this text-based, roleplay-type game, you act as a supernatural being controlling a fictional world (or multiple worlds) and the animals within said fictional world(s).

This was originally made as my practice for Python classes and OOP.

This game is one that I plan on updating (unlike many of my other projects lol) so any small update ideas welcome!

How to play

  • First, it may be a good idea to do the tutorial for your first time, by entering "n" at the first prompt.
  • Next, you will be met with a prompt for a command, and if you did the tutorial, you will know that the commands are as follows (will update list as new features are added):
    • "New Animal" adds a new animal to the current world (commands do not require capitalization, as it is handled by the program).
    • "Animal" allows you to interact with the animals in the current world.
      • This is where most of my planned updates will be added, so that you can control animals (make them eat, sleep, move around, etc.).
    • "New World" adds a new world to your game.
    • "Switch" switches between worlds.
    • "Year" will allow you to increment or decrement the year of the current world by 1 (every animal's hunger will drop by one each year (I know, it's weird) and if their hunger is at zero that year, their health will drop).
    • "End" or "Quit" will stop the game.

And now, I will ping my friend @Romulus777 lol

Now, for everyone's favorite!


The actual repl lol :P

ChristopherDai (81)

AND DISABLE ALL THE time.sleep()

BuddyRaider (24)

@ChristopherDai well I need some of it for the user to read the messages

Which one (or multiple) is too long?

ChristopherDai (81)

Here is the script:
import time
import sys
def midtype(a):
for b in a:
next time you need to print() something, try midtype() it.

BuddyRaider (24)

@ChristopherDai I do not want to type each character slowly (I do not like it)

edit: also, I just got your request to edit it, and it is a no, I do not know who you are, so I am not giving you access to my project, I know how to do everything you mentioned, I just need you to tell me what you want changed, and I will consider it.
ChristopherDai (81)

its 0.01 sec per character which is a pretty eye-read-friendly speed @BuddyRaider

BuddyRaider (24)

@ChristopherDai Ok, I will do some testing later and see how it looks :D (I have to do some other stuff right now lol)

BuddyRaider (24)

@ChristopherDai, so, I tested out your recommendation, and I still needed the sleep() anyway, so I just lowered the amount of sleep time to 3 seconds instead of 5, so let me know if I need to lower it more (The game is much faster without slowprint, so I am gonna leave it out for now, especially since most people do not even read any of the text, will get impatient, and will end up not liking the game lol)

If it turns out that a lot of people prefer slowprint, though, I may add it in
ChristopherDai (81)

You need a tutorial and a menu
you cannot ask people to type "new animal"
what you can do is give a list of:
1) new animal
2) animal stats now
3) bluhbluhbluh new world
then we type the number.


BuddyRaider (24)

@ChristopherDai Yeah, I may add in a menu, but I wanted it to be more command based rather than menu based (I already have a tutorial if you enter "n" when the game starts)