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Working python IDE!
angrydoge (481)



This is a working python IDE that took pretty long to configure, and has multiple features. There is:

  • Coding
  • Saved code
  • Run your code files
  • Only see the ones you made
  • No data used :D

So, yeah lets get to it.
Hope you enjoy! :DD
I spent a lot of time on this so id appreciate it if you would upvote if you liked it

Okey bai!


Type '#eof' to exit file maker

NoNameByProgram (197)

I hate cycle specials.
But since you have more cycles than me and you still use Python, let me put this repl talk into the worst description ever.

This is a coding IDE that is only run on your console! No window!
It supports Python files! It also is made in Python.
To make the worst possible experience, we use termcolor (which is not built in) to make you have to run pip termcolor.
And instead of typing Booleans, we type Booleans inside strings! New tech in 2021.

NoNameByProgram (197)

@dabombdgdzjr believe me. once i was you
don't feel sad

angrydoge (481)

Ok jeez theres like 50 other people that have done five "specials" and I thought it was okay to do just one @NoNameByProgram

NoNameByProgram (197)

@dabombdgdzjr yeah.
you just explained why i hate them

PyCoder01 (56)

no offense but who would want to make a python ide in python. :/

mesquite2234 (278)

maybe you could do

if 'EXIT' in content:
  #stop stuff here

so that the #eof doesn't get put in the file

angrydoge (481)

Well if I did that @TommyVictory itd put it in the file idk why.

iocoder (162)

@dabombdgdzjr i think you should make it so we can delete files (use os.remove(FILE_NAME)) and I also think that instead of None to end the file it should be #eof that way python3 doesn't see it as a command (it sees it as a comment) and its shorter

iocoder (162)
i literally have created a python 3 ide here: An emulator of the python3 ide

noice tho @dabombdgdzjr

angrydoge (481)

@ridark lol thats not an IDE that a bash command :P. Also this one doesnt run every line of code after its put in.

iocoder (162)


lol thats not an IDE that a bash command :P.

the bash command literally runs the python ide thing

Also this one doesnt run every line of code after its put in.


angrydoge (481)

This is an example of the python bash command @ridark:

>>> print("hello world")
hello world
>>> import os
>>> print(os.environ["REPL_OWNER"])

v.s my IDE:

(1). Make
(2). Run file
>>> 1
>>> print("Hello world")
>>> print("EEEEEE")

The bash command runs every line you put in once you put it in. Mine doesnt is what im saying

iocoder (162)

@dabombdgdzjr ah, i get it now, ill keep that in mind :)

mesquite2234 (278)

I'm working on something like this, but it doesn't give users their own folder. Updooting

UniqueOstrich18 (331)

This is pretty cool! I remember I made something similar to this a while ago, but this is cool as well!

adl212 (172)

interesting cycle specials are back :thonk:

adl212 (172)

@adl212 also here's what I'm thinking, you should make a flask server that collects the code and stores it onto another repl. So you can send get and post requests to the flask server and open files and be able to run files etc.

elipie (353)


cYclEs doNt mAtTer

angrydoge (481)

Yes I kjow this is like the only time im gonna do a "special" @elipie

JBloves27 (1885)

Really cool, it just seems like the file thing does not work, I made a file, but it doesn't work. I would suggest using replit db, if you need help, pung ping moi ;)

angrydoge (481) DB clears after you close the page @JBYT27

JBloves27 (1885)

Yeah, thats what I thought, but it doesn't I tried some code, and it actually saves. It just seems like you have to use correct code ;) ping me if you want help or code @dabombdgdzjr

angrydoge (481)

okek probably on a diff project @JBYT27

TsunamiOrSumth (545)

oh no cycle specials
jokes aside, good job! its really cool

AverseABFun (13)

Plz make it so that instead of opening 'dabombdgdzjr' it should open the person's folder.

AverseABFun (13)

@dabombdgdzjr It says os.walk('dabombdgdzjr') but i think it should say os.walk(username)