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Working Memory Tutorial

This is a tutorial about how to improve your working memory. Before we start you need to know what working memory is. According to google working memory is the part of short-term memory that is concerned with immediate conscious perceptual and linguistic processing basically it is the ability to be given data to memorize it and then to be able to recall it immediately. Before learning some techniques from my tutorial to improve your working memory I want you to go to the bottom of the code and play my memory game. This memory game will give you score and I want you to record this score because after reading my tutorial you are going to play the game again and I am almost 99% sure that you will see some improvement.

Now you will learn about how to improve your working memory!

The Link Method

The Link Method is one of the easiest mnemonic (a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.) techniques available, yet quite powerful. To use the link method you just associate items in a list with memorable things which are easy to remember. Let’s say that you want to remember that Surrey is in British Columbia
Example: The Devil lives in British Columbia and she got mad. Now the Devil feels SoRRY (Surrey) he bothered her.

The Number/Rhyme System

The Number/Rhyme technique is a very simple way of remembering lists of items in a specific order. You can take items in a list and match them so they rhyme as shown below.
1 - Bun
2 - Shoe
3 - Tree
4 - Door
5 - Hive
6 - Bricks
7 - Heaven
8 - Skate
9 - Line
10 - Hen
A - Eh?
B - Bee

The Number/Shape System

The Number/Shape system is very similar to the Number/Rhyme system. It is very effective for remembering numbers and is very easy to do . Associate numbers and letters which look like common shapes to the human eye.

0 = ball
1 = stick
2 = swan
3 = butterfly
4 = sailboat
5 = hook
6 = elephant's trunk
7 = boomerang
8 = snowman
9 = balloon on a string

The Alphabet Technique

The Alphabet system is basically the same as the number and shape system but it is used for memorizing letters. You can associate letters with words which sound out the letter here our some examples:
A - Ace of spades
B - Bee
C - Sea
D - Diesel engine
E - Eagle
F - Effluent

The Roman Room Mnemonic

This is the most efficient yet hardest one to master on the list. This method is just to imagine the given set of data in front of you as if it is in a room with you. If you were trying to remember the names of books imagine the books with their names on a bookshelf.

Phone Number Method or Group Method

I thought of this one myself because it helps me a lot! This method is the best for me. I memorize things in groups as if they were phone numbers.

You are given a list of random characters to memorize
A,7,9,6,5,4,3,2,D,O instead of just memorizing each one individually memorize them in groups.
(A - 7 - 9) (5 - 4 - 3) (2-D-O)
It is much easier to memorize the 3 small groups then one big one.

Now you have learnt how to memorize things more efficiently! Try the game out again using these techniques and see if you can beat the score you got before. I am sure you will! Make sure to leave this tutorial a like and comment your score before you read my tutorial and than your score after!

PS I will be adding some more methods and this is in its editing stage right now so please ignore typos:). Also if you know any methods that help you memorize stuff please list them below in the comment section! If you enjoyed this tutorial make sure to leave a like!


Can you beat my highscore of 11?


@IEATPYTHON I got 9, but that's all I got, dude. Nice job with this, I love it! You ever heard of a memory mansion?


@ChandlerMorell No I have not but I googled it and now I know what it is. I will do a section on that thanks!


Please let me know if this helped you!


Better to have a cleared screen to avoid seeing the answer by scrolling up, keyboard input needs to be blocked while memorizing to avoid pre typing. sleep time should be based on the current score as it require more time to read big string.


@krajasekhar How do you clear the screen in python 3? BTW I am fixing the issues thanks for the help!




@XavierDD did it work for you?


@IEATPYTHON yeah it worked nicely.


thanks for the upvote @IEATPYTHON
This is a good code but you can enter it before it asks


@epicman702 I am not sure how to fix that problem I am working on it!


This is no joke, I've got what I consider to be a decent memory and I consistently failed on 7 characters.

Unfortunately all of the mnemonics described take far too long to use to have seen an improvement just by reading the article. They all take significant practice to get to where you can apply the mnemonic in the time given.


@bigjeff5 Let me know how I can improve. Do you know any mnemonics which you use that help you memorize things? Please let me know I can include them in the list


I got 2 lol. After looking at the code i'm interested in replit.


import replit

Use that to clear the screen.


@OwenBradstreet That did not work:( Im not sure what i am doing wrong



Sorry, my fault

import replit


@OwenBradstreet Thanks! it works now!


Please make sure to upvote if you enjoyed!


It reminds me of Dr Kawashima brain training;)