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Working HTML Calculator for my upcoming OS!
Muhammad_SJC (149)

Recently I was working on a chatting app, and when I thought I was done with it, I was stuck with doing nothing (The link for the app: . Read the instructions for the app carefully for the best experience. And you HAVE to upvote). Then an idea came to my mind: Why not make an OS?!

So I thought that I would first start making apps that are required in an OS, then I will combine them together to make it! So I started working on a basic calculator because complicated ones require a lot of time (and I didn't have much time) and expertise (which I have but do not use :) ). So this is a basic calculator. Also, it has a nice cursor following element (you'll see what I am talking about after checking the app out) and it is pretty sweet.

Important stuff:

  • This calculator could not work with decimals, but I updated it so it could (wasn't TOO hard).
  • This calculator cannot work with advanced functions (so if you are a maths wiz kid then don't even run this repl, you'll break your pc - seriously)
  • The styling is pretty good.

Please give an upvote as it keeps me motivated to make new apps.

Muhammad_SJC (149)

If you want to work with me to create more apps and finally the OS, then comment down below and I will invite you to my multiplayer!

(But you have to be good @ HTML, CSS and JS)