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Woogle - The First Ever Wikipedian Terminal Browser!

Hello Repliters! I have been working on a project for the last 2 days... and it’s been doing great! What am I talking about, you may ask? Well, I created a terminal browser with Wikipedia’s API-all created using Python. Basically it uses the API to fetch pages from Wikipedia, and you can read pages.... all from this simple terminal browser! I am looking for some “lab rats” to test Woogle out. If you want to give me feedback, you can comment below or just DM me personally (Pythonmatics#1649). Have fun!


Nice, but if you only type "s" it gives an error


@MrVoo I see. Did you try typing "s:python" or basically "s:" with what you want to search up?


@SirPythonstone It works if you do it right, but it'll be better if you fixed all the errors


@MrVoo Thanks for the feedback. I am going to add some code that can help prevent these errors, and also give it a better look.


Technically, this isnt a browser because it only gets its information from wikipedia.. Maybe try web scraping the information from google


@godmother It is a browser-technically: It basically a search engine that extracts data from Wikipedia. In Woogle 1.5, I am going to show a better example on this


FYI wikicurses already does that:


@ironblockhd *The first Python-based Wikipedian terminal browser... on Replit


Pretty cool, but I think maybe printing each paragraph/part at different times might be better to read. And what's the python window for? You're not using it anyways, so maybe make that disappear?

Otherwise, nice job!

Maybe consider adding all the text to a website version


@JBloves27 Hello. Sorry I could't respond eariler, I was busy since it was my birthday. I am currently working on ways to use the Flask web server package to make the readability part easy. and also what python window are you talking about? I might be stupid but I don't really know what that is.


Oh, happy belated birthday!!
Oh, dw, the python window I'm talking about is like where the flask website would appear (if you used flask) @SirPythonstone


@JBloves27 Thanks! Also the reason why the python window is open is because I am updating it and adding a Flask server with it


Oooh, okay.! @SirPythonstone