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Windows XP Defender
rshetty (91)

What is up, this is my kinda off-theme entry for the game jam. Say hello to Windows XP Defender!


Most of the instructions are in-game, but here's some basic ones.
Use the arrow keys and enter to select options on the main menu. When you start a game, click on the (X) to close the virus windows. Have fun!


Sadly, sound does not work with tkinter, or else you would be treated to a symphony of Windows XP, including the startup and shutdown noise.
Also, there is no way to make the window larger which is sad.
Finally, a certain font that was there on the real Windows XP (Lucida Console) is not available here, so I had to improvise with Courier. Other than that, it works pretty well, I guess.


timmy_i_chen (1180)

I thoroughly enjoyed this :') brought back some good memories

TarquiniNordelt (2)

it broke? its that it didnt start.

mkhoi (299)

Just need to hear the name to know that it's good

liltaco (206)

You should add window dragging and more minigames like this if you want this to be a full game.