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Windows Mac node.js edition
RobloxianGreen (8)

Hello guys, today that happened. I created Windows Mac with 404 screen (wait what).

MatthewWesolows (20)

It does look like you spent a good amount of time on this, but that's not an operating system. An operating system manages (deep breath):
GUI, memory adresses, user input, networking(opens, closes, and sends information through ports), security, uses kernel to interface with hardware, manages boot and POST on startup, manages storage, feeds CPU commands from RAM, opens and closes applications and frees memory that is not in use, takes care of audio using drivers provided by manufactiuring, uses graphics drivers, and for when the computer doesn't have a graphics card it will need default drivers... just to name a few. Nice try though!

CodeLongAndPros (1624)

I’d like to ask you a question: Do you even know what an operating system is?