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Windows 9.0 is here!
ebp11 (39)

Introducing Windows 9.0 by Non-Microsoft, the free touch and desktop operating system that brings your PC, tablet or phone to life!
Hate Windows 8.1 on your desktop and Windows 10 on your touchscreen? Windows 9.0 is here. Windows 9 includes the start menu (not the start screen) with touch AND desktop friendly buttons. We took inspiration from Windows 9x, as it had a one-column start menu. We restored the one column, but added a More... button to access non-apps. Furthermore, gadgets are back from Windows Vista/7. Click the gold-coloured button next to the start menu. You'll end up in a place where you can see different stats, like the time and your battery. Click the red X to close any window.

Touch friendly

With big buttons suitable for your fingers, you can bet that you can easily use it on a touchscreen.

Desktop friendly

Say goodbye to a minor feature taking up the whole screen. This lets you multitask. And you can even skip the gadget area so you only see what you need to see, which gives more space for your productivity.