Profile statistics image generator! 📊🖼️


A portfolio showcase image generator

An image API which programmatically generates infographics based on your Replit profile!

You've probably seen the excellent Github Readme Stats by Anurag Hazra which pulls data from GitHub's APIs to produce professional-looking infographics about you. I'd assume that someone has made this before, but I've applied that to Replit!

Try it out!

You can replace the "19wintersp" at the end with your Replit username, and embed it in a MarkDown file like this:

Your grade is always A+, but you can customise it 😉
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@WilliamXing If you read the post, it should explain sufficiently. The example link ("​ ") has my username at the end ("19wintersp"). To get the default-style image for you, replace my username with yours, which should give you "​ ". There are many other options you can include though.