🧟‍♂️🐮⚔ - Zombie Cow Wars! - A fun minigame

The year is 298679345 and there is a zombie virus outbreak. The good news: it only affects cows. The bad news: you work on a large cow farm. See if you can survive all the waves.

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I made this little minigame just in time for Halloween. Make sure you open it in a new tab. Click the cows to remove them, and don't get swarmed! If there are too many at one time then you lose. If you want to fork this repl and change this game difficulty, just look at my code comments.

Now for the meme:
Me when I need to test some js:

If this gets popular somehow maybe I will make an update. My next cool game coming maybe next week. Any feedback is welcome.

Hope you enjoy!

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Why is this fun? You should add infinite rounds :>


@MrVoo Okay :)