Working Chatroom
pyelias (2616)

It's a chatroom!

If there's any bugs, say so in the chat (or comment here).

And don't spam or you get muted.

(this project has been discontinued (might still work until early 2020), if you wanna talk to people join the discord

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21natzil (1194)

Why is the password check done client side? It needs to be done server side. I can simply remove the password checks in the code, giving me access to everything. Despite the good attempt with the hash and salt, it doesn't do anything if I don't need it.

haya (9)

@21natzil: would you like to talk more technical? are you on our discord server?

replitcode (145)

@21natzil: For all important stuff, validation is done for the other clients as well. For announcements and stuff, I don't really care who's able to use them.

21natzil (1194)

@replitcode: even if the checks are done on other client's sides, that's much more unsafe, and leads to easy mistakes.