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Why are we here ?
DamianPieczykol (5)

Just to suffer?

a5rocks (821)

Sounds like a existential crisis to me... I recommend watching Kurzgesagt's existential crisis playlist to be even more existentially crisised.

But in all seriousness, please post this in share

Steven_The_GuyT (303)

@a5rocks it is in share, maybe it wasn't 13 hrs ago.

TimothyAnderso1 (127)

Password protected dice game

i would say its not very DICE




Vandesm14 (2642)

Why are we here? Because why not?

ebest (663)

you should encrypt your passwords. Other then that, WHY DID YOU NOT TELL US THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD? sorry haha

DamianPieczykol (5)

@ebest if im honest this wasnt posted to be tested but the passwords are kinda obvious as they are seen in the code x) the first is kalista and the second password is evelynn

katyadee (1273)

Love some existentialism in the morning.

katyadee (1273)

We're here to create repls.