[ GAME ] Press Enter To Win!
Coder100 (18845)

Press Enter To Win

Do you want a completely TERMINAL-BASED game made in C++ where all you do is press enter?

Yeah me too so that's why I made this.


I wanted to try my hand at some more C++ again, and never again will I do that again too unsafe back to rust.

How To Play

Press Enter, or not.




Hope you enjoyed the game! Don't forget to fork, comment, and react!

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fuzzyastrocat (1867)

@Whippingdot Oh thanks!

"Godot has C++ bindings" means (put simply) "You can use C++ with Godot"

One thing about the courses, I actually find that I will completely forget any advanced features if I just read about them in a course. But, if I start a project and run into a brick wall, some stackoverflow-fu will lead me to the advanced feature I need and from then on I'll always remember how to use that feature. It depends on the person though, some people can remember things really well if they read them.

Unity is certainly more simple than Unreal because it uses C#, which is generally more user-friendly than C++. C# and C++ actually have a lot of differences — C++ is basically just "improved C" (improved in quotes since, well, you know my opinion), that is, a very low-level language with a bunch of helper things added. C#, on the other hand, is a much higher-level language; it's sort of like "improved Java".