Hi there! I am Nathaniel, I'm a full stack web developer with almost 4 years of experience. I am currently 15 years young and I am grinding all day making projects. I don't get alot of support irl for what I make, I do my utmost best to make stuff free and perfect so I would really appreciate a upvote or comment.\:

My website shows just about every place where I studied and mentored. It doesn't show my skills applied but it suits me. I can make anything with HTML/CSS/JS I only post like about 40% of all my stuff on

You can fork my website and remix it to suit yourself just make sure I get a slight amount of credit. I made the site the way I am comfortable and the way I make most sites. I am a big fan of ParticleJS and AnimeJS as you can see on the landing page of my site.

I have learned most of what I know from w3schools and Codecademy. Big shoutout to my friend Jane for teaching me CSS. Either way thanks for reading this and hope you have an amazing day. :D

Keep on coding 🙃

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@Whippingdot Hey sorry for the late reply, Yes I like to make stuff myself but for like advanced css I sometimes look at someone else's code.. Shhh don't tell anyone ok I just look.