[ GAME ] Press Enter To Win!
Coder100 (18858)

Press Enter To Win

Do you want a completely TERMINAL-BASED game made in C++ where all you do is press enter?

Yeah me too so that's why I made this.


I wanted to try my hand at some more C++ again, and never again will I do that again too unsafe back to rust.

How To Play

Press Enter, or not.




Hope you enjoyed the game! Don't forget to fork, comment, and react!

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fuzzyastrocat (1867)

@Whippingdot As alluded to in the last paragraph, I would suggest learning C# first to get a feel for how a game engine works. Then, once you've got a good idea of how everything goes, switch to C++ (if you want) and go to Godot/Unreal. (C++ isn't as easy to work with, so if you've never done anything with game engines before it would be a gentler introduction to start with Unity/C# and then later switch to C++. Of course, it's certainly possible to start off either way, but it depends on if you're okay with potentially finding things too difficult at first.)