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What is a bird's favorite thing to do?
Coder100 (17021)

What is a bird's favorite thing to do?

A number guessing game.

This unique number guessing game is not to get the answer correct, but to get it wrong.


In an attempt to teach a friend how to code @angadkvirdi, it was very successful and the last lesson of the first session was making a number guessing game. I think he did very well.

How to play

Enter in a number 1-10. If you get it right, you will not unlock the secret on what birds like to do (1/10 chance). If you get it wrong, (9/10 chance) you will find out what they like to do. No looking at the code for answers!

## Congrats to Angad for completing the python tutorial! Next up: node.js ##

Enjoy the revolutionized number guessing game!

Coder100 (17021)

please cover that up we cant spoil it lol @DynamicSquid

DynamicSquid (4640)

@Coder100 I actually didn't even look at your code, it was just at the top of my head lol