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What do you think of my homemade smasher
JamesGordon1 (151)

This smasher has a customized amount of bots, an AI for each bot and a random name generator.

JamesGordon1 (151)

@RaidTheWeb can i ask how u found this?

RaidTheWeb (76)

@JamesGordon1 uhhhhh i was actually searching up kahoot smashers and saw this and i was like oooooo nice.

duck132912 (214)

I am advertising a program made by piffpuffas or whatever:

duck132912 (214)

@duck132912 try this AFTER you try that one above

JamesGordon1 (151)

@duck132912 really dude, go post this somewhere else

MaraHarms (0)

sorry but this is way to hard to work if i could get some help ill give better rating.

JamesGordon1 (151)

@MaraHarms all you do is type in 2 numbers one is the code and the second is the amount of bots you want