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What Radicalized You? Podcast Homepage
zos229 (0)

The URL will potentially by and the goal of the site will be to consolidate all the information about the podcast on different social media platforms into one home website for its listeners. This will allow for more in depth content to be shared about the topics covered in the podcast and more capabilities for user interaction in one convenient place. The current online presence of the podcast includes several different social media platforms that are siloed from each other due to limiting media sharing capabilities of each. Alongside the actual audio of the podcast, there is a lot of additional graphic, and textual media. This includes photojournalism, guest speaker biographies, data graphics, and much more. Since podcast hosting platforms do not have a place for media types outside of audio, and the other social media platforms focus on visuals or text only, users currently have to visit multiple URLs for a comprehensive view of what is available online regarding this podcast. These problems will hopefully be fixed by the website’s creation.