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Kill Players, Get Huge!

Click here to play the game!

This is my kajam submission. I hope you like it!

How to play?

The game is fairly simple, become the hugest player of them all.

How to get huge?

Well, it's simple, you have to collect coins that are scattered around the map. Coins make you slower, but make you bigger, make your sword longer, and makes your sword more stronger. You can move around the map with WASD or Arrow Keys!


Killing Players

Collecting coins takes so long, that's why each player comes with a ka-sword. Just kill other players by clicking with your mouse and they will drop all their coins!

How to win?

Well you have to get huge. Really huge


Well that's all I have to say about this game, the past 1 week has been amazing. Normally I lose motivation for my projects quickly, but kajam kept me going..

"money can do weird things to people" -


Anyways, I hope you enjoy Multiplayer, See ya!

Click here to play the game!


- CoderGautamYT

1 year ago
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Well the bots work by just sending packets the same way a player does. The current one that's going on (called test) is a movement exploit. To prevent slow movement for players with high ping, I made it so that high ping players can move faster to compensate for the less amount of packets they send. The test bot exploits that and sends a really low amount of packets. This makes it acheive fast movement or a kind of teleportation. There are so many different kinds of bots and I have no idea why people are spending so much time making them but I am trying my best to prevent any game-breaking bots from crashing servers (yes that has happened before)


1 year ago