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AmoghTheCool (63)

Hello, AmoghTheCool here! I made a JS framework called...


WeirdoJS is a simple JS framework that makes making web-terminal bots, assistants, and games easier.


That is weirdo js. Next, go to your main JavaScript file and create a new instance of WeirdoJS. Then do this setup:

Creating commands

To output things into the command line, just do WeirdoJS.insert("text", "css_color_or_hex_or_rgb")

To create a simple command like help or clear, just type this:

Protip: To clear the console easily, just do WeirdoJS.clean();

Using WeirdoVars (beta)

WeirdoVars is a dict of variables that make using localStorage easy!

At the beginnings of programs, use weirdo.getLsVar() to get the localStorage variable, if it is not null. If it is null, the function will return null (or void maybe idk).

Dynamic commands

To make dynamic commands (basically commands that take in ONLY ONE parameter), then do this:

Note, : is not allowed in the dynamic command's name.

When the user types a command like Say hello to :Bob, it will output Bob.

Note, to create multiple parameters, use WeirdoJS.parse("text", "separator") and parse the parameter. This will return a list of parameters.

Note#2, you can use plain JS too inside the command bodies.


You can find a demo here and the source code for the demo here.

Contribute to Weirdo here

sojs (591)

not working for me...

AmoghTheCool (63)

@sojs, it isn't supposed to... this doesn't have an html file. You have to create another repl. The docs contain more information. To see a (working) demo, click here. This actually only has the class, so if you want to see the source for it, type /weirdo.js.
also, sorry if the demo was broken, I accidentally put a semicolon instead of a comma in the middle of an object xD