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Weird Fact Generator
Kookiez (400)

Click the run thing to generate a weird fact.
(I cannot 100% prove that these things really happened.)

HahaYes (1861)

"Your pencil talked to a Tesla" wow

Krazy0range (27)

A slice of pizza ate the bathtub. xP

codedragon2 (20)

A graham cracker ate the bathtub.

zplusfour (901)

> harry potter washed 5 rotten eggs



Scourgify! (Thats the spell for cleaning i think)@ZDev1

Kookiez (400)

Hi @KhadijaRahman, can you stop upvoting most of my posts unless you think it is actually pretty good?

KhadijaRahman (1)

@Kookiez ok but i like some of them not lying

UtkarshKumar10 (0)

this is really interesting XD

StringentDev (229)

A cat talked to the bathtub
hello darkness my old friend

jude119 (10)

"Harry Potter sang to a cow." wow

Nettakrim (693)

put it in a while loop so you can just press enter instead of re running the code

PotatoAce (0)

Harry Potter wore a cow
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... something doesn't seem right here

TahmidHussain (0)

it is less like a wired fact generator and more like a random word combiner

GalaxyWolf343 (5)

"A hat talked to a chair."
Huh? I didn't know hats could talk....

aguy11 (127)

Now, this little doggy knows how to please the Python Master...

ReyesP (24)

A chicken stretched a cow. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

SyntaxError64 (1)

"A squid wore a chair"

SyntaxError64 (1)

@SyntaxError64 A graham cracker tickled the bathtub.


just how...

Leroy01010 (409)

A 3-story house talked to a scarecrow.

Leroy01010 (409)

A slice of pizza licked a Tesla.

Leroy01010 (409)

A hat played with a face mask.

DannyIsCoding (698)

Harry Potter licked a python.

Harry is a weird guy...