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Website Idea

So you can see below a very crude idea of the home screen for a website. So my idea is a website on how to code, with tutorials that people can post, with chat rooms where people talk about coding, and maybe something where you can send coding questions to a “moderator” that could answer it. It just a mix of stack overflow, w3schools, and mushed together into a big coding website. But the problem is that I only know python, a bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but not enough to write some in depth tutorial or to make the website look good. So I’m asking you and some other people with better coding knowledge to be part of this “team”, where I could share to you the HTML project. Sounds good? Enter in the comments if you would like to join.


Bro I wanted to make this too but didn't have the backend skills: Would you like to work together?


I think this would be a great Idea but when you do this you should design is with some Bootstrap css so that it forms to mobile phones a little bit better.