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AmoghTheCool (63)


Ok first of all

  • this is not google/bing, this is a searching algorithm I made that webscrapes.
  • the main difference is that google/bing have a GIGANTIC index of websites sorted into categories which unfortunately I don't have access to
  • enjoy!

The main lib is in


@personmandude for the original search-for-text-in-text

@tussiez for the sorta part of this title

@AmoghTheCool for being me AND coding this.

@ch1ck3n and @HahaYes for existing.

Leetcode for the "copy the C strStr() function" (indexOf to the Java an JS coders)... where I originally made my algorithm.


note: this is NOT a low effort post, even though the code is short. I made the searching function myself (without using the in keyword).

LordPython404 (12)

Why does it output a bunch of numbers?