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Hello Replit users! How was your day?

Anyway, I created a project a few days to weeks ago. I have been updating this project every day since there are changes that still need to be fixed. Anyway, let's get started!

Behind the Project (Simple explanations)

I started this project since I had a game and I wanted to create a web portal or something so if I create more games, they can be accessed from one website. I also had more ideas about the project like I can add other online games to this website.

So I got started with Replit. I started by creating an Auth System with Replit's. The auth system was very simple but effective. I added a few styles and it looked great.

I then created the main area. For the games, I created an iframe and added some javascript so if you press on a button, it would take you to another web page in the iframe. I used another project and added a bunch of games to it. I call it a CDN. Is it called a CDN?

The landing page was also created, I used a bootstrap template to create the landing page.


I added a few games to the website, you should expect to see a new game added every week or two.

Game list (Games that are currently on the website when this post was created):

  • Thomas' Multiplayer Arena
    I created this game and this was the first game that I ever created with Javascript. It is a multiplayer game with multiple modes. There is a 2d and a 3d mode to the game.

Play the game:

  • Slope
    This is a popular game among students at school right now. I just figured that a few students would play this game on full screen. I enjoy this game too.

This is just about it, the website will expand and include many new features, maybe a chat or some functions from ReplTweet (

If you want to check out the website for yourself, you can go to


Very nice! Will you add more games soon?