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WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!

It's a fun, simple game that you can do many things in!
Just try to explore!

JacobMcPherson1 (189)

Tried to get on the site and it showed this


@JacobMcPherson1 ???

You can look at my source code, no malware...

CoahWilson (0)

How do you place block

techgeek680 (73)

this is so impressive!

install (6)

Can you make Minecraft java?

JosephGertz (0)

by the way I don't care if the villagers are boxed the legs move same thing goes with the animals I just want there to be an inventory and animals and lives and food it may take a while but I think you could do it and also add an invisible wall so you don't fall.

JosephGertz (0)

Please add villagers i beg you and add landscape and animals and invintory if you did some of this you can add that i am seriously counting on you to do that. ok?

Avifire (5)

how to place objects?

ZanderZhao2020 (3)

He didn't make this. But, of course, he made it a bit better.

Sebastian78 (0)

It does not work..

Big_EpicEpic (15)

Cool! I have a suggestion for you: Don't copy other people's code and pass it off as your own:

Ov3R10rd (105)


Hello, I have been making 2D games for a while, and have been wanting to make 3D games for a while but cannot find a 3D method to make games!

Could you please show me how you did this??

Ov3R10rd (105)

@HENRYMARTIN4 OMG thank you! I have been looking for a good way to make simple 3D games and this may be it! Thank you thank you!

TheImagin33r (27)

save codes for world saving
block inventory gui
horizontal logs. (i love these)
also im used to place and the break controls swapped.


@TheImagin33r i can add save codes in cookies

TheImagin33r (27)

add save codes for worlds pls

duck132912 (210)

I made somthing like this but with multyplayer in development


@duck132912 Nice. But try not embedding minecraft classic inside a webpage and passing it off as your own!

duck132912 (210)

your multyplayer webcraft dont work

HarveyH (203)

I only have one suggestion, terrain generation, otherwise pretty noice!

TristanMisja (36)





WebCraft is now outdated! A new version is being made right now! I'll post the link when I finish.

CookieKB (1)

I found a bug:
when you hold left click mouse it starts to just move without using the keyboard.

zhidao (13)

I checked the code, it says there is lava. Is there an inventory??

DJWang (1344)

Impressive game!

sirsnowy7 (8)

You should note that you didn't create this